Wizard Of Oz  – Fluid live motion capture at the Theatre – case study.


A client of our dealer IFX Media asked if we could provide a Fluid based solution for a theatre show. We had to also produce a live 3d character and scenery to help them execute a digital re-enactment of scene where the actors meet the Wizard in the family classic “Wizard of Oz”. It was a children’s theatre performance based in Chichester, UK, an area of theatre well known for its creation of many west end hits.


The performance was already utilising video projection as their scenery and so it was required that we could recreate the wizard in 3d and that he would talk to the actors on stage and become a performer within the story and also adding some theatrical wow factor to the show.

Production process :

We handled the modelling, texturing, rigging and debugging of the Wizard and his VFX smoke laden environment, we setup the hardware and then handed the content over to IFX media who then executed the show performance. Our artist did a great job to create a faithful reproduction especially considering the fact we were approached about the job 1 week before the curtain would raise. We would have loved to take things further and actually create a full hologram ‘smoke and mirrors’ style display, but budget, time and technical limitations were against the idea. They were very happy with what we managed to achieve.

3d theatre motion capture wizard of oz fluid live 3d motion capture installation


“We approached Acting Digital around 1 week before the show and they really pulled it out of the hat, given the timeframes involved we are very happy with the speed and quality of the delivery given this was a completely bespoke request. Also the system itself really is plug and play and with little or no working experience with it we were able to run the show without any difficulties. The clients were very happy with the result, impressive stuff” – Wayne Haxton, director, IFX media.

IFX media live and responsive 3d animation


After a little rehearsal the show went off smoothly without a hitch heralding the first use of our software in a live theatre environment. The audience were impressed and very happy with the show, with some children nearly jumping out of their seats when the wizard arrived on stage. Heres a video of the event as part of our showreel.