Case Study – Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital:


The Great Ormond Street Hospital is the worlds number 1 children’s hospital based in London, UK. Our good friend Yaj Hemoo and his merry group of elves makes a yearly campaign to raise enough money to buy every child who must stay in their bed over christmas a present. Then dressed as Santa’s elves they distribute the presents across the wards to the sick children. They give presents to around 400 children in a single run. They thought it would be great to have a 3D santa to introduce them and help raise the level of impact and also increase emotional response to the event.

Great ormond street hospital


With a very limited timeframe, create a Fluid video message featuring Santa’s giving message to the children of Great Ormond Street children’s hospital, followed by a xmas sing along of Jingle Bells, which is used to accompany the run to distribute the presents via a media player and a large LED HD screen in the ward.

santa and the team

Production process :

We handled the character design, modelling, painting & rigging & live performance made with Fluid. Here are some images of the process.


As mentioned  we had a very short time frame to work with and managed to come through with the final result on time. Originally intended for a single showing they like it so much it was watched by over 400 children across three wards being shown around 15 times in total to different groups of children.

Heres the video we made, Please select HD for the best playback quality…


The response was fantastic from both the children and staff saying they really enjoyed it immensely, adding that it really enhanced the entertainment factor and the impact of the yearly event.

Great Ormand street Hospital installation


“…As every Xmas means so much to our young friends, we love to treat them to presents and try our best to put up a show for most of them. This involves volunteers from all backgrounds, some very shy people who goes out of their comfort zone to dance their way around the wards. We also help the young inpatients to have a skype interaction with their parents or even Santa himself. Where do we get the presents from? This is the hardest bit – we work hard as early as summer to start raising funds via social media, Camden Market and Xmas wonderland stalls selling brownies, charity runs (London Marathon recently) and live music events where artists donates backstage passes for us to sell. Last Xmas was even better for us as we had on board Alex Diplock from Acting Digital who, in a very short time frame, created a 3D singing Santa specially for our little friends at GOSH which was broadcasted on various screens in and around the hospital. It was very welcome by all due to its cartoonish realism, and being a platform to allow the ‘real’ Santa to communicate directly with the children was simply amazing and highly entertaining, we look forward to the possibility to work on future projects at the hospital, to bring some joy and happiness to the lives of these incredibly brave children…”

Yaj Hemoo

A small description of Yaj Hemoo and his friends group project:

Originating from a creative group of hard working volunteers amongst the Crouch End Festival Chorus from Crouch End, North London, instead of getting merry in parties and pubs at this time of the year, this group of elves get their biggest festive kick in spending their pre-Xmas time at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The reason is simple – the party is bigger and much more rewarding at GOSH. We have successfully grown as a group over the last 5 years as we have been working in conjuction with GOSH Children Charity to raise awareness and funds to help improve the wards’ facilities at the hospital.

Great ormond street hospital