Fluid technical details:

– Currently Mac OSX based

– Dual core i5 mac mini / macbook air 11″ with Hd4000 gpu is minimum recommended system

– Body motion capture using 3D camera – capture area 2.5m x 4m

– Split wireless hand controllers for face & hands with 5m Active USB extender for extra range

– No suit required just plug and play

– 1 minute from computer off to capture/performance – even less with SSD (fastest we have seen around)

– Single operator full show control via wireless controllers

– HD 60fps output – works with any HD display technology

– Network enabled for remote interactivity – optimised for 1 mbps connection

– Works with FBX 3D files and also quicktime video and standard 2D image formats

– Instant loading of different characters and content for show creation

– Drastic reduction of production time spent rigging features for realtime use

– Automatic joystick to blend shape rigging for face and fingers by following naming

– Automatic rigging of audio driven mouth blend shapes – just add a mic

– Automatic blinking

– Automatic head tilt for pose correction / easier to keep eye contact with the viewer

– XML text editing based show construction makes ordering scenes & content simple

– Once set up is as easy to learn as a simple video game and can be operated by single user.