Swiss Re – live motion capture @ NAMIC 2015

Background :

Following our successful internet based demo from Brighton UK to Bologna Italy for re-insurance giants Swiss Re, one of our dealers Activ8-events, who had just completed a hologram show for Swiss Re in Monte Carlo 2 weeks before, were requested to supply them with a live 2 way interactive motion capture installation for their exhibition stand in San Diego at the NAMIC conference 28/29th september 2015. It’s THE exhibition in the USA for this particular industry and so people from different companies from all across the globe were attending.


Swiss Re wanted a range of life-size 3D characters that would talk to attendees and entertain the crowds, hopefully raising the attractiveness, interest and awareness of their stand. They wanted to entice people in and then inform them of a range of subjects which are currently challenging the insurance industry. These included 3d printing, autonomous cars, wearable technology, telematics, drones and more.

Swiss Re decided our emerging technology and 3D characters were required to convey this new information providing an informative and entertaining interactive experiential way to achieve maximum interaction and retention. This approach also intended to create engaging experiences and memories in the process for the attendees using comedy and social interaction as a bridge to engage them in more pressing subject matters. These matters could then be conveyed in a more serious in-depth way by the Swiss Re staff positioned on the stand.

Bespoke show design:

Acting Digital LTD were requested by Activ8-events to provide sale of a Fluid system along with 3d characters and bespoke content, full project management and also the technical running of the show. This would involve all technical pre-planning of the installation, creating a wiring plan, liaising with the clients AV team both prior to the event and onsite, preparation of content and full installation of the Fluid AV control room at the event. Also we liaised with executives to get the correct information for the characters to convey. We then broke this down into bullet points for our Fluid specialist actor Ryan James to work with on the day.

We created the wiring plan which was discussed and revised accordingly, we helped the booth designers get the right specifications for their design. Also we worked with the graphic designers to ensure the output of the motion capture software would be aesthetically branded to match the Swiss Re exhibition stand. We finished on a black to blue gradient with their company logo displayed at all times at the top of the screen. The client selected 3 characters from our stock selection Fluid would be displayed on a 100″ LCD display in portrait orientation to give the effect of a life size character.


After finalising all of the technical pre planning we arrived in San Diego one day before the show and setup the 10′ x 10′ Fluid/AV control room centred inside a room in the middle of their 20′ x 20′ stand. We solved any working problems with the AV team providing the hardware and had the installation working A1 and tested in around eight hours. Then we ran the system successfully and without any technical issues for 2 event days. Ryan James our Fluid specialist actor had no problems and was happily interacting with all the attendees  at the NAMIC 2015. We had many hilarious moments and interactions happening throughout the event and one of the highlights was our character “Sergeant Pain” meeting the managing director of Swiss Re. We also used stock characters “Kenji” and “William” during the event to great effect.


The reaction to our live motion capture was fantastic and the installation was a big success with both the clients all being very happy. Both the attendees and the Swiss Re staff were laughing all day at the humour that Fluid specialist mocap actor Ryan James put into the character performance. People were mystified as to how this was possible until one of our team would bring them to have a look in the AV control room at which point they were totally amazed.

Rock Solid…

We were very happy as to how Fluid proved to be 100% stable and reliable system to use in such high pressure environment and with such important clients. It didn’t crash or give any issues once during the event. Please note we will shortly be adding the client testimonials to this case study.

Video of the event will be posted soon.

Show services..

Would you like to have this at your event? We can provide a similar service to 3rd party companies and will be happy to discuss bespoke show design, system installation & show execution for your event.. contact us now!