IF you want to own a fluid system we can also digitally deliver software and content and will be happy to advise you on the best components to source, providing you with blueprints of how to setup the system with additional hardware for a range of different situations.

We decided this approach as it is easier for us to provide a working base system that can be built on based on your personal requirements and this also allows us to better distribute our resources as a company.

This way you avoid paying any import duties on hardware as everything should be easy to find via online outlets such as eBay/amazon and most of it can even be found in typical high street outlets

To purchase a rent or purchase a system please contact us directly for pricing.

What we provide:

1 x Fluid software folder
2 x node locked licences (client & server / main show computer & backup system)
10 x Fluid ready rigged 3D characters & 2D backgrounds (with more optional & free 3D characters to follow soon)
1 x editable show file containing all current content
1 x user guide PDF – setup, usage, and getting a good performance
1 x 12 months email fluid support (covering software operational issues, general advice and licence transfers)

Fluid live & interactive 3d motion capture digital delivery of software and 3d content


Are you planning a special event or installation and would like our help to realise it? or discuss the rental of a Fluid system with an operator and also the possibility of bespoke show design & content creation? Our systems can be installed on site and even controlled remotely through the internet.. Contact us now! 

mumbai motion capture hologram

Please see the Hardware page to read more about additional equipment that will be required for certain usage / show scenarios (Offline, Live, Networked), also for a live demo in london check out our distributors 3D showroom, or for a proof of concept live Skype demo call you can email us directly from the contact page.