Case study : Mumbai Hologram installation.


A client of a company we work with in Mumbai requested the construction of a hologram stage, on which they wanted a motion capture driven avatar of the 3D character “Suppandi” who is well know in india.



To process and rig their existing character model for use in our software and deliver a working system for the installation, including recommended hardware, fluid software and ready prepared content. They wanted a walking talking Suppandi that could interact with the audience viewing the Hologram stage. An interactive holographic experience.

Production process :

We handled the & rigging and delivered a Fluid system with content prepared for the hologram stage, on budget and within the correct timeframe.

mumbai motion capture hologram installation


The system was designed to be running non-stop and needed to be crash proof as was intended to be continuously used and displayed in a public entertainment space. Heres a short video of the system testing and demo running on the hologram system in Mumbai. Watch in HD for best viewing experience.


The response was very positive, the clients were very happy with the final delivery and added that it exceeded their expectations in terms of quality, ease of use and reliability.