Microsoft Tokyo Case study


Our Japanese agent in Tokyo, Masaya Midorkwa (Acting Digital LTD), managed to arrange a chance for us to demonstrate our software to the Kinect team at their office in Tokyo. He went to visit them with nothing more than a laptop and a mobile 4G router.

Microsoft fluid 3d live motion capture network session


To do a live full 2 way fluid network demo to the creators of kinect at Microsoft HQ in Tokyo, Japan, using nothing but a laptop and a battery powered 4G mobile router at the client end. The Server / operators system is in the UK, 10 hours time difference nearly on the other side of the planet.

Microsoft HQ

The Demo

We successfully conducted a 2 way meeting, where they only saw the 3d avatar talking to them via Masaya’s Macbook Pro, utilising the Tokyo 4G mobile network to receive both the animation & show control data from the server and use Skype to transmit the voice and relay a video feed from japan. The system ran happily for over 30 mins, the entire duration of the meeting and so we considered this a big success.

The Response

They were very impressed by our software and will look to potentially support us with some new connections in the future. We didn’t really expect anything from them, but instead were just happy to be able to show them our work and at the same time conduct a solid real world test using WIFI and the Japan mobile phone networks.