Fluid is our ‘live 3D motion capture system’ – 

What does that mean exactly?

Real-time 3D character performance captured from a live actor..

We have created an all in one software that allows you to fully control the behaviour of a 3D rendered character using your body movement to control the character via a consumer level 3D camera using skeletal tracking, add to this some gaming style hand controllers to control the finer details such as facial expressions, finger controls, and show controls.

Then by adding a wireless microphone system or any pre recorded voice track, you can control the characters mouth animation simply by speaking into the microphone. This allows you to perform or act through the character with full physical and emotional control, and also express yourself to your audience vocally.

Once the tech is setup within a minute or two our software is as easy to control as playing a video game.

mumbai motion capture hologram

2-way AV interaction…

When a camera and mic are added to the output display and a feed from both is relayed to the operator, a 2 way interaction between the 3d character and the audience is created.

This opens up the possibility of using the system in a wide range of live situations, such as the theme park industry, trade shows & exhibitions, museums, interactive marketing, education, public attractions and children’s parties to name but a few.


3D Characters included free..

Easily change the provided scenery and videos with content that has greater relevance to your branding or event. We provide an ever growing range of characters to get you started, along with the required information to create your own Fluid ready 3d characters, or if you prefer we can have one crafted from your designs or ideas by a talented 3D artist at a very reasonable rate.

fluid 3d live motion capture avatar
live and responsive 3d animation

Local interaction…

Our system can be used live at the venue, when you add the operators mic, camera/mic for the output display, monitors and anything else you require you can create a 2 way interactive show using any existing HD compatible display. In a serious show environment we would recommend the use of CAT 5/6 cabling and transmitter / receivers to send the signals in and out of the control room. 2D Blueprints are available for a range of possible scenarios.

Network enabled…

Our software has a revolutionary approach to remote interactive motion capture. It is a fully network enabled system that allows an operator to be in any network enabled location, streaming animation commands from a Fluid Server to a second Fluid client computer at the viewing location. The client computer performs the rendering and sends a VOIP (Voice Over IP – Skype etc) based audio feed for the operator to listen to the audience or viewer, and also the VOIP connection from the operator to the Fluid Client to perform accurate lip-sync and also allow 2 way conversation to the audience or viewer at the remote location.This remote rendering technique ensures uncompressed 60fps output as there is no video being streamed and entire bandwidth including Skype is around 1mbps, allowing the system to operate in low bandwidth environments. This system setup as an example requires 2 computer systems, I.P camera, routers, audience microphone, wireless mic system and at least 1mb upload and download speed internet connection at each end.

Fluid live & interactive 3d motion capture digital delivery of software and 3d content

Digital Delivery…

Aside from providing a bespoke rental service we also sell our software, at present we provide software and content only, we can advise you as to a full list of equipment required for both local and remote based 2 way interactive setup. After purchase you must provide us with the hardware ID of your computer and we will provide you with a software based user key that is node locked to that machine.

Check our sales page for more information regarding what we provide you with.

Also please see the hardware page for more information about additional hardware required when using Fluid in different situations.