Brighton to Bologna  – Skype Hologram Demo


A client of ours has a hologram stage in their demo space in Bologna and recently asked us to ‘proof of concept’ demo our system for their clients directly to their hologram stage via Skype. The demo was connected between Brighton in the UK and Bologna in Italy.

live hologram


To prepare some content for the hologram stage and conduct a short Skype demo showing the latest fluid content and its features via Skype screen sharing, to be transmitted from Brighton, UK at a given time.

Live 3d Motion capture networked hologram

The Demo:

The approach to simply show the ‘proof of concept’ of an interactive holographic avatar worked well using this approach. Although the video feed suffers a little from compression and slightly lower frame rate, the interaction is still fluid and they see a good impression of what they will get. So although we wouldn’t recommend it for final show level output its a good quick and dirty way to get a 2 way interaction via the internet. For full show quality there’s no doubt the full networked approach will be the best solution (fluid server/client).

The response:

The demo was a success and they liked what they saw, encouraging words and strong potential for a future engagement for a live event. Both clients are still in talks, but both very happy with Fluid and what it can potentially add to their event.

edit: this was the demo that led to the Swiss Re installation in San Diego.