Live Motion Capture

Welcome to the home of Acting Digital LTD, we are the UK based creators of ‘Fluid’ our show proven live motion capture system. Actor driven 3d avatars that talk back!

With our simple to use marker-less, suit-less ‘plug and play’ network based approach, there are many potential applications to create fun and engaging experiences using this technology. Ranging from corporate events, exhibitions, and public entertainment installations to theatre, holograms, children’s events & play areas, museums, theme parks, next level interactive experiences, and children and special needs rehabilitation to name just a few.

Are you planning a special event or installation and would like our help to realise it? If you would like to discuss the rental of a Fluid system with an operator and bespoke show design / content creation? Our systems can be installed on site and even controlled remotely through the internet.. Contact us now! 

Meet our holographic virtual teaching assistant.

We recently made a study of the educational potential of our software in  3 different UK schools, we created a Cutting edge edutainment solution in the form of a small holographic bear that assists the teachers talks to the children, much to their amazement.  . We made a short video to capture the reactions and outline the concept, a more detailed case study is now online read more…

A short overview 

This video gives a quick look at some of the features of our system so you can get more of an idea what we are talking about. It demonstrates the basic setup arrangement, the systems auto calibration and tracking, wifi-sync, leaving and entering the space, controllers and a view of it in action at a recent exhibition. To view more fluid videos click here.

Watch our latest show reel.

We have been busy, a study in UK schools, an Exhibition in the USA, a live theatre performance, holographic interactive avatars in mumbai, internet served holographic avatars in Italy controlled from the UK and more, stay tuned as we have more interesting projects underway!
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Real-time 3D character performance captured from a live actor..

We have created an all in one software that allows you to fully control the behaviour of a 3D rendered character using your body movement to control the character via a consumer level 3D camera using skeletal tracking, add to this some gaming style hand controllers and a microphone to control the finer details such as auto lip-sync, facial expressions, finger controls, and show control. Once the tech is setup within a minute or two our software is as easy to control as playing a video game. Read more…

mumbai fluid live 3d motion capture hologram installation
Fluid live & interactive 3d motion capture hardware

Fluid features

Using a 3D camera, controllers, microphone and a computer our software can create a live and interactive 3d character performance. This can be suitable for a wide range of educational entertainment and interactive purposes. Fluid is a highly simple and cost effective approach to live and interactive performance capture. It is also a network based system that allows remote interaction with an audience via the internet. This means the operator can be in any network enabled location, saving large expense and carbon footprint. The operator can interact with an audience on the other side of the planet without even leaving the studio!
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Sales & Rentals

Please contact us with your rental requests for a free quote. If you don’t want to rent but are looking to buy then we can digitally deliver software and content. We will advise you on the best components to source with blueprints of how to setup the system for different situations, and can provide special onsite or online support depending on your location and requirements.

We decided this approach as it is easier for us to provide a working base system that can be built on top of based on your individual requirements. For sales not rental contact us directly. read more…

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